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Portland’s Best SEO Company

Now being as I am an SEO company myself, you would have to know that it is a true compliment for me to mention another. Oregon Web Solutions is definitely one of those companies. I know who they were trained by and there are the best in the nation. Take there local area for example. There are some Portland SEO companies that have been there for 10 years and OWS came in and out ranked them for their own keywords in 6 months! That alone should tell you enough. These guys are the real deal and I am lucky enough to know both Seth and Matt who are the owners.

The world of search engine marketing is tough as if you are not always on your game, you fall off. Things change so much in the world of SEO that every 6 months there is typically a new update and everything changes. This is good because it keeps stale sites and old information from being stuck at the top.

With all of these updates it is even more crucial for you to have a knowledgable search engine optimization company on your side. Now as I do most of my work out of the Seattle area, I don’t mind throwing a few bones to my friends in Oregon. In return, they do the same for me so it is a win win. With that being said, they truly are some of the best. Not just because I know them, because their results speak louder then words.

When you can outrank your competitors in just 6 months, think what they can do for your business!

One thing about Oregon Web Solutions is that they don’t work with just anyone. They have a higher standard of clientele as they only work with a select few to keep quality. For example:

  • You must have an established business (no start ups)
  • They do not promote adult themed material
  • They do not work with get rich quick schemes
  • You must have product of services that you are currently selling
  • You need current paying clients or customers

The reason for the requirements is that they take businesses to the next level. It is not worth your time or theirs to help start ups as they are best with bigger and more established companies. This isn’t to say they don’t work with smaller companies as they do, just not startups. If you are looking for a quick SEO fix and something under $500 or $600, they probably are not going to be the right fit for you. The great thing is that if they can’t help you at your current stage, then they will do there best to give you a good referral to who can help that will be good. You can see why I am a fan. Check out some of there videos on their Youtube channel.

The are geared up for people who are stuck on page 2 or worse for really tough and competitive keywords. This is where their training kicks in and they can help you get to page 1 for high dollar keywords that will bring in good revenue for your business. Mapping out a plan to get you a positive ROI is part of what they do. Again, if they can’t help you get a good looking ROI, then they will be honest and let you know. Sometimes  people have them rank what they want anyway, but at least they know what they are getting into ahead of time.

Where it becomes hard to give a positive ROI is in food services where the profit margins are low, or where customer values are low like in a nick nack store. On the opposite end a plastic surgeon’s client value will be immensely higher and easy to show a great ROI based on simple traffic numbers.

I will say there are times when they will take on a smaller client for paying referrals  in return. Basically they will rank a keyword of your choice for free if you refer them (X) amount of clients (client referral numbers are based upon difficulty of keyword). Matt and Seth both agree that referrals are the name of the game. They want you to feel good about referring someone and profit as well. Win win.

So if you live in the Portland Oregon area and would like to learn more, you can visit them at: http://www.oregonwebsolutions.com/portland-seo-company/

I will also include one of their main video’s below so that you can learn a little more about what they do below:

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