Keyword Research Tips

Keyword Research Sources:

Google webmaster tools keyword planner:

There are other keyword programs out there like Semrush that has a great keyword tool built into their service that I use all the time. Unfortunately, this is a monthly service. It is called, “keyword magic tool” and speeds up my searches.

What I type into google search to see how many blogs are using the keyword I am going after in their title:

allintitle: keyword here   (example: allintitle: dog trainers in portland oregon)


One more example, this took me 5 minutes to find:

a picture of keyword research


What To Do From Here…

I would title my new blog: “Private Dog Training Portland OR” then write an article about just that or hire it out to text broker. I would make it 500+ words minimum.

I would not repeat this keyword in my blog more than maybe once. Never repeat long tail keywords too many times or it looks spammy and you will get hit with a spam penalty and not even know it.



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